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Construction has, undoubtedly, become an infinite business, a 100% secure career, since day in day out people require new buildings to work from, new homes, and new hospitals and so on. This has brought about great development and better living standards. Due to this, it necessitated the need for brokers, mortgages, rates and rental surveyors. Land is an important asset and construction needs a piece if not the whole portion of land.

Designing and planning

Before anything else, you must have the plan of what is to be constructed. This eases the workload and, as a result, perfection is achieved easily. However, you must consult and seek services of renowned architectures. Architecture being the art of designing, planning and constructing buildings, is a majorly important entity in the world of construction. This art consists and considers of the following:

  1. Should be appealing to the eye. A good design must be attractive and hence beauty is a must since man does not live in caves and desires luxury and places of comfort.
  2. The building must be able to withstand nasty weather conditions and hence durability is a must when considering construction.
  3. The building must also perform the duties that it is meant to.
  4. The depreciation and appreciation of a building. Due to this rates and rental surveyors become of the essence.

Materials of construction bring about a lot of difference between buildings. Better buildings are made of better materials, quality is of the essence. It is responsible for durability and utility, of course if the labour is skilled and don’t do a shoddy job.

Deciding on where to build and the security of depreciation or appreciation of the real estate is a decision that you, as the home owner, have to consult rates and rental surveyors due to current trends and future expectations of the building as an asset. Real estate has become one of the best investments due to its never depreciating feature. One can enjoy up to 10 times or more of the asset’s original price, patience and strategy are the virtues needed here.

Capital is probably the biggest issue that holds back the construction industry. But, loans are important when you have your mind on construction and real estate as a whole and such credits are coming through for many people. However, it is important to consult your rates and rental surveyors as they common denominators when making this decision. Don’t make the ‘wise’ decision alone.

Rates and Rental – The Rotunda

Rates and Rental Surveyors Ltd have secured a reduction in business Rateable Value of  a Restaurant and premises in London. The Rotunda Kingston KT1 1QJ. Rates and Rental Surveyors Ltd agreed a reduction from £190,000– £165,000 with the Valuation Office. The reduction now means the following saving will apply excluding any transitional relief (*) or Small Business Rates Relief (*) given by the local authority.

Year/Rate Before reduction After reduction Saving
2010 – 11 / 41.4% £78,660 £68,310 £10,350
2011-12 / 43.3% £82,270 £71,445 £10,825
2012-13 / 45.8% £87,020 £75,570 £11,450
2013-14 / 47.1% £89,490 £77,715 £11,775
2014-15 / 48.2%     £91,580 £79,530 £12,050
2015-16 /  49.3%    £93,670 £81,345 £12,325
2016-17  /  (average 50.4%) £95,760 £83,160 £12,600
TOTAL £618,450 £537,075 £81,375

Building your House the Modular Way

Rates and Rental

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Renting a residential or a commercial property can be very expensive unless you are using the services of rates and rental surveyors. Most people dream of owning their own homes, but the process may seem expensive and complex. Whether you want to build condos for rent, residential home or business premises, modular buildings are the best option.

What is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is the simplest construction technology in which the construction process is done off-site. Put simply, modular buildings are those where the houses are built as many single parts in factories and transported to the building site where they are connected to make a full house as per the design. Little is required on the building site. All that is needed is a crane to fix the modular together.

How is Modular Construction Done?

Modular may take a few weeks to a month to construct. The construction process is done in factories in controlled weather conditions to ensure there is no loss of building material and the house cannot be attacked by moths after construction. The finished modular are transported to the building site by road where they are joined together to make a house. The modules are laid on the ground side by side to achieve the designed floor plan. If needed, after the ground floor, modular for the first and consequent floors are laid.

Note that the modular comes with all the fittings including the piping system, the electrical and all the built-in features that will be needed.

Benefits of Modular Buildings

Desist from paying rent and get a modular building today. If you are still paying rent, use the services of rates and rental surveyors to ensure you are paying standard rent and you are not overcharged.

Below are the main advantages of modular buildings:

  1. The modular buildings are built faster; precisely half the time taken to build conventional buildings. This ensures that you get instant return on investment.
  2. The indoor construction of the modular heightens the building efficiency and ensures that there are no building materials lost during the construction process.
  3. They are generally cheaper than conventional buildings thanks to the reduced labour.
  4. Modular buildings can service remote areas where conventional buildings can be expensive to construct.
  5. The buildings have low waste and are environmentally friendly. The wastes that result from modular buildings are minimal.
  6. The houses are built for flexibility and can serve any purpose including commercial, residential and others.

Though you can rent a house through the services of a rates and rental surveyors, you will find it beneficial to build modular buildings.