20 Jun 2016
Great reduction
12% Reduction, worth every penny. The reduction was also sorted in a bout 8 weeks for me.
14 Jun 2016
Thank you for a swift reduction in my business rates. Recommended.
13 Apr 2016
I wasnt aware that my business rates were that high. Rates and rental came in and told me they have reduced the rates of another business in my area and that my business rates had a good chance of being reduced too as my building was the same shape/size. I took them up on their offer and have gotten a pretty decent size reduction that I never would have had if it asnt for R&R. Thanks
12 Apr 2016
My business also received a significant reduction.
I wasn’t sure on what to do with my reduction but the prospect of paying my employees more will improve my customer relations and my staffs morale so thanks for the Idea! And thanks rates n rental for the reduction.
12 Apr 2016
Time to pay back my employees for their hard work
Significant reduction which I can now use to pay my employees a much better wage. Thanks R&R.