Rates and Rental Surveyors Ltd – SOUTHEND ARTERIAL ROAD

Rates and Rental Surveyors Ltd have secured a reduction in business Rateable Value of a workshop and premises in London. UNIT 4C AVENUE WORKS, SOUTHEND ARTERIAL ROAD, GIDEA PARK, ROMFORD, RM3 0BY. Rates and Rental Surveyors Ltd agreed a reduction from £19,500– £19,250 with the Valuation Office. The reduction now means the following saving will apply excluding any transitional relief (*) or Small Business Rates Relief (*) given by the local authority.

Year/Rate Before reduction After reduction Saving
2010 – 11 / 41.4% £8,073 £7,970 £104
2011-12 / 43.3% £8,444 £8,335 £108
2012-13 / 45.8% £8,931 £8,817 £115
2013-14 / 47.1% £9,185 £9,067 £118
2014-15 / 48.2%     £9,399 £9,279 £121
2015-16 /  49.3%    £9,614 £9,490 £123
2016-17  /  (average 50.4%) £9,828 £9,702 £126
TOTAL £63,473 £62,659 £814



Business Rates And Reductions

Business rates and reductions refer to information on the rateable values of business properties information on business discounts available for partly occupied properties. The Valuation Office Agency determines the rateable values of one’s business properties.Information on rateable values shows on your bill or you can contact the revenues section to find out the rateable value of your property.

Rates and Rental Surveyors

Rates and Rental surveyors a team of highly experienced professionals who deal with business rates and rent reductions.This company has a link to a national database from where you can see your Rating Valuation and Appeal history.In case you decide to take matters further,they will inspect, photograph and measure your property and they will request for information on your lease or rental details for the case preparation. The process then begins with a proposal made in writing and given on the Valuation Office Agency.

Once the VOA transmits the revised rateable value or the certificate , the refund will be made available. And then your reviewed business rates statements will be reassessed and made sure you have received the maximum interest and savings.

Lease & Rents

Each lease granted will eventually come to an end and for those leases for a term longer than Five years they will, invariably, provide for an upward review of the rent.

Rent Review

The rent review clause determines the amount of rent that you pay.Any notices served upon you by your landlord should be passed to a qualified surveyor as a matter of urgency to ensure that it complies with the requirements set out in the lease and what counter notices, if any, need to be served and in what form. Failure to do so can result in you paying whatever amount of rent your Landlord proposes, therefore affecting your pocket.

Lease Renewal

At lease renewal, the Landlords and tenants rights and obligations are set out in the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. Unless the Security of Tenure provisions of the Act excludes at the commencement of the current lease , a new one can be negotiated on similar terms but at the then open market value which means the rent can go down.
The new rent, if the parties cannot agree, will be set by the County Court based on the evidence provided by the company you are working .